Go Antique If You Like But Wait A Bit Longer Before You Go Electric

It sounds humorous but wait a bit longer. That technology is already on the dashboard. It is only a matter of time before pretty much everyone is being escorted all over the show in electricity powered or battery fuelled sedans or limousines. In fact, in some cities of the world, busses are being mobilized this way. They are even being motioned forward from A to B without a driver. Now, for purely aesthetic and romantic reasons, being driven about like a king or queen by a robot won’t be on the itinerary for quite some time.

Unless, of course, you happen to be a science fiction nut. For the rest of us, there is romantic reality. We would all love to be pampered like royalty on those few special occasions in our lives. Those of you who are brave enough, and with hearts of gold, to plan a dream wedding in this day and age, can be the talk of town as you regally make your way through the town’s streets in your hired antique car transport. Or if you’re a bit more extravagant than that, you can always hire a stretch limousine, Vegas style.

But if you want to take all the guests along for the ride, why not hire a double decker red London bus. Yes, you can do this too. Only the thing is you are still going to be escorted by a smartly attired driver and conductor. But no tickets, if you please, this time around. And if you’re truly sporty and want to wing your way through the countryside you can hire your dream sports mobile and drive the turbo-engine craft yourself. Just make sure you’ve been on that advanced driving course.

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